Tajikistan Scholars Wiki

The Tajikistan Scholars Wiki is a space for scholars and researchers of Tajikistan, both within and outside of the country, to come together and share ideas on research, resources, events and other noteworthy items in order to create a community of people interested in the country. Generally, members are at the Master’s, PhD, postdoc and professor level.

This private wiki, besides being a forum to connect researchers online, is also used to bring together researchers in-country. As such, there have been meetings arranged in Dushanbe and there are plans to continue doing so in the future. Previous meeting were a success and proved an excellent forum for members to exchange research ideas and offer each other advice.

You can request membership by going to the Tajikistan Scholars Wiki and clicking on the “Join” link on the top right. If you are unable to do this, contact one of the admins to be added manually (contact info here.)