Tajiki Language

Tajiki Language Resources

If you are considering learning Tajiki, feel free to contact me and ask for advice on classes, dictionaries and grammar books.

University Tajiki Language Classes

Indiana University Summer Workshop
CLS in Dushanbe
Critical Languages Institute – ASU
ASIAC Samarkand (MAs/PhDs only)
American Councils – Dushanbe


Language Materials

Tajiki: An Elementary Textbook Vols. 1&2.
Nasrullo Khojayori
Georgetown University Press, 2009.

Tajiki Reference Grammar for Beginners.
Nasrullo Khojayori and Mikael Thompson
Georgetown University Press, 2009.

A Beginners’ Guide to Tajiki.
Azim Baizoyev and John Hayward
Routledge, 2003.

A Tajik Persian Reference Grammar.
John R. Perry
Brill Academic Publishers, 2005.


In Tajikistan you can buy Tajiki-English and English-Tajiki dictionaries. Unfortunately these are not for sale overseas. But you can order Dunwoody Press’ comprehensive Tajik-English dictionary from their website. The two offerings by Hippocrene (here and here) are not recommended.

Other resources

CeLCAR online materials