2013 Tajikistan Research Bibliography

This bibliography is an attempt to catalog the publications in English that focus on Tajikistan. English language sources on Tajikistan are weak in some areas, especially in regards to the Soviet era. This bibliography is, for the moment, confined to publications in social sciences, history, area studies, government and policy.

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Tajikistan Research Bibliography 2012

I have completed the update of the Tajikistan Research Bibliography. It’s limited to English sources, which is the best I can do at the moment.

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Welcome to Tajikistan Research Resources. I hope that you find information here that will be useful at work or at school/university. And, of course, if you know of a good resource that I haven’t listed, please contact me here.

Current projects for this year include a quality bibliography (working draft here) that can be downloaded as a PDF document. The first edition will be English resources only, and expand into Tajiki and Russian later. I will also be regularly updating the website as I find new resources. Please note that this website is mostly focused on English-language sources at the moment. As with the bibliography, I will expand into more Russian and Tajiki sources later. For the time being, the most complete sections for Tajiki/Russian resources are the blogs and news sections.

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Tajikistan Bibliography – Working Draft

I’ve completed a working draft of a Tajikistan bibliography. However, this bibliography only includes sources in English. Tajiki and Russian sources will be added later.

Visit the Tajikistan bibliography page to download a copy.

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Making progress

The following sections are complete:

A working draft of a Tajikistan bibliography should soon be available.

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Under construction

Hello! The website is still under construction. I’m in the process of moving from my previous location (tajikistan-analyst.org) as the web hosting service was extremely unreliable and the editing tools not very helpful.

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